The History of DeColores Ministries

DeColores Ministries is just one more of God's miracles, which is a very effective tool of renewal in today's Christian Churches. DeColores Ministries is founded in the Cursillo Method and closely adheres to the Cursillo essence and purpose. DeColores Ministries accepts all Christians, regardless of their denominational affiliation to participate in the movement. Since DeColores has its foundation in Cursillo, which began in Spain, some of the terms are Spanish.

De Colores means "of colors" in Spanish and is meant to reflect the many colors of Christ. DeColores was born in the spirit of interfaith communion of the Love Feast, the Agape. DeColores basically means a person who is living in grace, seeing the world and its variety and beauty as all coming from God. DeColores is a retreat, a movement, and most important, a method of spiritual renewal.

Cursillo (meaning a short course) began in 1949 when Bishop Juan Hervas and a group of dedicated laymen were seeking a way to renew the diocese of Majorca, Spain. Cursillo is the story of how God taught a group of men how to work for Him in an effective way, a way that bears fruit. They developed a Spiritual renewal method consisting of a weekend retreat and several forms of follow-up.

The first Cursillo weekend in the United States was held in Texas in 1957. During the next four years, Spanish language weekends were held throughout Texas; Phoenix, Arizona; New York City; and Lorain, Ohio. The first English language Cursillo was held in San Angelo, Texas in 1961. That same year, the movement spread to California, Indiana, Michigan, New Mexico, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland, Missouri, Massachusetts, and Washington State.

In December of 1964, Cursillo #13 was held in Muskegon, Michigan. Catholics, desiring to share this unique experience with their non-Catholic friends and clergy, began sponsoring those of varied faiths to weekends. Struggling with the fact that the Cursillo in the Muskegon area was no longer fulfilling its original purpose to the Catholic diocese, but at the same time believing in the interfaith experience that evolved, DeColores en Cristo was born. DeColores Ministries took root from that.

The first DeColores Weekend was held in Muskegon, Michigan in 1980. In 1985 it officially expanded to Grand Rapids, with that secretariat (governing body) being the first offspring. Since then, DeColores communities have sprung up in Southwest Michigan, Detroit (Southeast Michigan), Grand Haven, and Northern Michigan (Traverse City). In addition, there have been DeColores Weekends held inside the Muskegon Correctional Facility, Camp Geneva in Holland, and other similar facilities.



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